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Homoeopathic Doctors and their Large List of Questions

Homoeopathy Doctors and their Large List of Questions

Why do homoeopathic doctors as so many questions?

Ever went to a homoeopathic doctor?
And you were suprised or shocked when you had to answer so many questions involving only your desease but also about your:
  • Personal life
  • professional life
  • Emotional changes
  • Big life events
  • Events assciated with your disease
  • Accidents etc
Iam sure you must have been overwhelmed by so many questions and at some point of that time you must have questiones yourself as if all this is actually important for the doctor, or he is just passing time.
Does any of this even matter to the doctor?
Dose any of this even matter to the doctor?
So, today i am going to share with you all why we doctors need to know all your details.
First of all, you need to know one very important principal of Homoeopathy, the one which is very closely linked to the answer to your question.
That one important principal is "INDIVIDUALITY".

We all know that we humans all look similar, have same two eyes,two ears, one nose, one mouth, one heart, one liver, two kidneys etc. All of us are alike both physiologically as well as anatomically.
But we also know that we all have different thoughts processes, different eating habits, different likes and dislikes, som of us like to read, some like playing sports, other like to stay inside and listen to music. Similarly, we all have different coping mechanisms, different perspectives, different reactions to similar situation, different thermal reactions etc.
Therefore, we can say that even after having the same structure and functions of our bodies, yet we all are different from eatch other, thats is , we all have our different individualities

Homoeopathic medicine were proved on healthy ivdividuals of different ages and genders.
Homoeopathic medicine provings were designed in such a way that all the medicinal effects and powers could come out in such a way that ots relations could be established properly and the actions of medicine on different people could be studied efficiently.
As I said in the earlier part that every part that every person has its own individuality, just in the similar way no two medicines are same, when homoeopathic medicines were proved, the peculuar action of one medicine on one medicine on one person could not be shown by any other medicine on the same person, which means every medicine has its own individuality in the way ot acts, its sphere of action, its mode of action etc.
Therefore, we can say that in the homoeopathic system of medicines there are no substitutes in selection of remedy, eather one perticular medicine is indicated in the case or it is not indicated at all


In homoeopathy, we believe that no two people are alike and have different problems associated even with the same disease.
When a patient approaches homoeopathic doctor, the doctor makes sure to ask as many relatabe questions as possible, by which he can differentiate between the common symptoms of the disease, which are found in many patient from the uncommon symptoms which are characteristic peculiar symptoms of that patient, which differentiate him from the other patients having the same disease picture, so that doctor can get to know the individuality of that patient.
This individual picture of the patient is matched with the symptom picture of the medicines and then themedicine is prescribed to the patient as per his requirements.
The Homoeopathic system believes that no two paitents are alike even those having similar diseases, therefore the medicine needed by them are also different.

I hope that through this artical, I have been able to answer everyone's question of why homoeopathic doctors need to know all of your details.