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Wheezal Calendula Nectar Powder (100g)
-10 %
Brand: Wheezal Quantity: 100g
About Calendula Nectar PowderFor burns, wounds, sores & ulcers.Range of action:To accelerate cicatrization and granulation.Sores, open wound and ulcer.Eczema and itchingBurn and scald dressing.Composition:Calendula Q: Remarkable healing agent, applied locally. Useful for open wounds, p..
Rs.72.00 Rs.80.00
Lords Lordent Tooth Paste (100g)
-17 %
Brand: Lords Quantity: 100g
Lords Lordent Tooth PasteForm – Paste, Tube Lordent Tooth Paste is has proven efficacy in treating oral health problems all rounder protection throughout the day with homeopathic extract used for treating oral problems.Ingredients of Lordent Tooth Paste :Calendula : It contains anti-septic propert..
Rs.62.00 Rs.75.00
Wheezal Hekla Lava Charcoal Toothpaste (100g)
-13 %
Brand: Wheezal Quantity: 100g
WHEEZAL HEKLA LAVA CHARCOAL TOOTHPASTEForm – Paste, TubeHEKLA LAVA CHARCOAL TOOTHPASTE is calcium based tooth paste which helps to whiten teeth’s with prevention from the tooth decay helps to recover tooth calcium decay, Activated charcoal properties as best purifier and detoxifier.Ingredients ..
Rs.78.00 Rs.90.00
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