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Homeopathic Medicine for Hydrocele

Dr. Reckeweg R42 (Haemovenin) (22ml)
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Useful in Varicose Veins, Eczema, Itching of legs and heaviness..
Rs243.00 Rs270.00
Dr. Reckeweg R7 (Hepagalen) (22ml)
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About RW Reckeweg R 7 (Hepagalen)Form: DropsWeight: 90gIndication Of R 7 (Hepagalen): Organic and functional complaints of liver and gallbladder, hepatopathy, cholecystophathy, calculi, disturbances of the biliary secretion, hepatitis, swelling of the abdomen, premature satiety, lack of appetite..
Rs225.00 Rs250.00
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