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Corona Virus Prevention

Adel Pekana Adel 24 (Septonsil) (20ml)
-15 %
Brand: Adel Pekana Quantity: Septonsil 20ml
FOR TONSILITIS (ACUTE / CHRONIC); SORE THROAT.Also known as A24, A 24, Adel 24, Adel24..
Rs.229.50 Rs.270.00
Boiron Arsenicum Album Multi Dose Pellets 30 CH (4g)
Hot -10 %
Brand: Boiron Quantity: 4g
Also Known As : Arsenicum Album 30c, Arsenic Album 30 tablets , Arsenic Alb 30 , Ars Alb 30, Arsenicum Alnbum 30 CH...
Rs.135.00 Rs.150.00
Dr. Reckeweg Arsenic Album 30 CH (11ml)
Hot -6 %
Brand: Dr. Reckeweg Quantity: 11ml
Arsenic Album 30 suggested by AYUSH Ministry as a preventive medicine against Corona Virus/ Covid 19Also Known as Ars Alb 30, Ars Albe 30ch, Arsinic Alb 30,  Arsenic Albm 30..
Rs.108.45 Rs.115.00
Dr. Reckeweg R88 (Devirol) (30ml)
Hot -10 %
Brand: Dr. Reckeweg Quantity: Devirol 30ml
Also Known as R 88, R088, Dr Reckweg R88..
Rs.243.00 Rs.270.00
SBL Arsenic Album 30 CH (30ml)
Hot -17 %
Brand: SBL Quantity: 30ml
SBL Arsenicum Album Dilution 30 CH helps in aiding fever caused due to cough and sneezes.SBL Arsenic Album works magically to fight against suffocating breathing, dry cough  Arsenic Album 30 sblArsenic album comes to us, studied quite thoroughly, both as a poison and as a remedy. It has l..
Rs.70.55 Rs.85.00
Brand: Hapdco Quantity: 20 ml
Composition : Each 10 ml ContainsShyam Tulsi Oil (Ocimum Sanctum) - 2 mlRama Tulsi Oil (Ocimum Gratissimum) - 2 mlVana Tulsi Oil (Ocimum Basilicum) - 2 mlSweet Tulsi Oil (Ocimum Canum) - 2 mlNimbu Tulsi Oil (Ocimum Citrodurum) - 1.5 mlUsed as Antimicrobial, Antibiotic, Antiseptic, Antioxidant, Antic..
Rs.145.00 Rs.160.00
Adel Pekana ARSENICUM ALB 30 CH (10ml)
Hot -6 %
Brand: Adel Pekana Quantity: 10 ml
Adel Arsenic Album 30 / Arsenic Album 30 /Arsenic Alb 30..
Rs.112.80 Rs.120.00
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