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Homeopathic Medicine for Allergic Rhinitis

Bakson Aller Aid Tablets (75tab)
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Brand: Bakson
About Bakson Aller Aid TabletsAller aid your medicines for all kind of allergies and flu issues Uses of Baksons Aller Aid Tablets·         Runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes.·         Sinus congestion (Sinusitis).·&nb..
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Dr. Reckeweg R49 (Rhinopulsan) (22ml)
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Reduces congestion, difficult breathing, Sneezing, Polyps in Nose..
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Dr. Reckeweg R84 (Inhallergol) (30ml)
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About RW Reckeweg R84Form: DropsIndication of R84nhalent allergy.    MODE OF ACTION OF MAIN INGREDIENTS:         Pili animalum, Fungi, Semen et pollen graminis, Pulvis herbae inutilis, Pollen : The above formula provides antigenic desensitization o..
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Dr. Reckeweg R89 Lipocol 30ml Drop
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Information About Dr. Reckeweg R89 Hair Care DropDr. Reckeweg R89 Hair Care Drop is a homeopathic medicine, best used for hair care purposes. It's a proprietary blend of several homeopathic ingredients known for their purported benefits in promoting hair growth, preventing hair loss, and improving t..
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