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 Hapdco B.Ve. Phos Syrup (200ml)
-21 % -21 %
HPD  B.VE. Phos Children TonicBV Phos is an essential general tonic for infants in group of Infant (1 month to 2 years). It promotes better functioning of childrens vital organs such as liver, bones and glandsIt is also effective in liver and bilious problems, anemic people, peevish and fl..
Rs130.00 Rs165.00
 SBL Alfalfa Tonic (115ml)
-15 % -15 %
Brand: SBL
ALFALFA TONIC  We all have heard about Alfalfa tonic either directly from our homoeopathic doctors or indirectly from our friends, family or relatives. So today I am going to tell you all about this Alfalfa Tonic/ Syrup.  What is Alfalfa? Alfalfa..
Rs106.25 Rs125.00
Bios Lab Dentex Tablet (25g)
-12 % -12 %
Brand: Bios Lab
About Bios Lab Dentex TabletAlso Known As BL Coughgon Tablet Used for  Delayed Teething, painful & bleeding gums, toothache, jaw painUses of Bios Lab Dentex Tablet·         For Toothache, Bleeding Gums, Cavities, Tooth Decay with Pain·  ..
Rs96.80 Rs110.00
Dr. Reckeweg Bio Combination- BC 21 (20g)
-20 % -20 %
 About Rw Bio Combination 21- Teething TroublesUsed for Teething TroublesAlso Known As: Bc 21, Bio Comb 21, Bio Comb No 21, BC21Form: TabletsComposition of Bio Combination 21 - Teething Troubles:·         Ferrum phosphoricum - 3x·    ..
Rs136.00 Rs170.00
Dr. Wellmans Improvex Drops (30ml)
-20 % -20 %
About Dr. Wellmans Improvex DropsIs specialized formula for made for growing kid, Improvex helps kids to maintain normal & good growth to maintain good metabolism and bone healthUses of Dr. Wellmans Improvex Drops ·         Helps in fluent growth of ..
Rs100.00 Rs125.00
Hapdco B.Ve. Phos Syrup (450ml)
-20 % -20 %
Brand: Hapdco
About Hapdco (HPD)  B.Ve. Phos SyrupB.Ve. Phos Syrup diseased condition of the organ, anemic children, peevish, flabby, bilious complications.Also Known: Bee vee Phos , BV Phos TonicUses Of B.Ve. Phos Children Tonic·         Effective f..
Rs224.00 Rs280.00
Haslab Alfalfa Super Tonic with Vitamin A B C D (450ml)
-20 % -20 %
Brand: Haslab
Haslab Alfalfa Super Tonic About Alfalfa Super Tonic : Haslab Alfalfa Super Tonic is a formulation with the natural herbs of Alfalfa with other homeopathic Ingredients. It is used to cure fatigue, High Cholesterol which leads to intense physical tiredness and emotional stress Uses of Alfalfa Toni..
Rs204.00 Rs255.00
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