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SBL Arnica Montana Shampoo 200ml *2

SBL Arnica Montana Shampoo 200ml *2
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Arnica Montana Shampoo

What is Arnica ?

Arnica - A herb that is used to add flavor to foods. When consumed in larger amounts can be poisonous. The use of Arnica gel to treat the skin for osteoarthritis. The main elements in arnica help to reduce swelling, decrease pain, & also act as antibiotics. The direct intake of arnica can be dangerous in the mouth but safe with homeopathic dilutions. Homeopathic medicines have extreme levels of dilutions of the active chemicals to make them safe for our use.

What are the main Ingredients of Arnica Shampoo?

1. Sample of Arnica

2. Sample of Jaborandi

3. Sample of Thuja

4. Sample of Calendula

We have discussed Arnica in the starting. Now coming to the rest of the ingredients such as Jaborandi Oil, Thuja, Calendula.

Jaborandi oil

Jaborandi is an extremely useful herb and is used to make homeopathic medicine. While knowing about its serious safety measures, jaborandi is helpful in treating diarrhea. Sometimes it is also used as a medicine to treat glaucoma.


Thuja is a tree that grows from 3 feet to 60feet. The leaves and leaf oil of thuja are used as a medicine. Thuja is used for respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, bacterial skin infections, and cold sores. It is also useful in conditions such as osteoarthritis and a nerve disorder that cause the face called trigeminal neuralgia.


Calendula is a plant and its flower is used to make medicine. The flowers of the Calendula are used to prevent muscle cramps, menstrual periods, and help in reducing fever. Also used for the treatment of sore throat and mouth, menstrual cramps, cancer, and stomach and duodenal ulcers, etc.

SBL Arnica Montana Shampoo 200ml *2

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SBL Arnica Montana Shampoo 200ml *2 SBL Arnica Montana Shampoo 200ml
Used For: Shampoo , hair loss , grey hair

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Manufacturer SBL
Amount 200ml
Key Ingridients
Compostion Extracts of Arnica Extracts of Jaborandi Extracts of Thuja Extracts of Calendula
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Price Rs. 118.69
Used For
Uses It makes dry hair shiny and manageable It nourishes hair roots, making the hair healthy It helps to reduce hair fall
Side Effects
Side Effects hives. itching. runny nose. inflamed sinuses. headache. difficulty breathing.
Benefits SBL Arnica Montana Herbal Shampoo with TJC is formulated with herbs that help to manage dry and coarse hair and makes them shiny and healthier