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HL Babyplex Tonic For Babies (100ml)

HL Babyplex Tonic For Babies (100ml)
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About Hahnemann Laboratory  Babyplex Bayby Tonic

HL Babyplex baby tonic is unique combination with calcium, Tissue Phosphates, Glucose Tonic,

Apetite Stimulant.

Also Known: babyplex

Uses Of HL Babyplex Bayby Tonic

·         Stomach pains

·         Strengthens intestine

·         Improves digestion

·         Beneficial in the teething period

·         Helps prevent various health problems

 Composition of Babyplex Baby Tonic

·         Chamomilla Q.

·         Chellidonium Q

·         Ipecac Q

·         Cina Q

·         Mag Phos Q

·         Calc. Phos 6X

·         Nat Phos 6X

·         Ferrum Phos 6X

·         Kali Phos 6X

Dosage of Babyplex Bayby Tonic

1/4 spoon 3 times a day with water or milk or as directed by the physician

 Side-effect – There are no such side effects .

HL Babyplex Tonic For Babies (100ml)

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