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Hapdco B.Ve. Phos Syrup (200ml)

 Hapdco B.Ve. Phos Syrup (200ml)
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About Hapdco (HPD)  B.Ve. Phos Syrup

B.Ve. Phos Syrup diseased condition of the organ, anemic children, peevish, flabby, bilious complications.

Also Known: Bee vee Phos , BV Phos Tonic

Uses Of B.Ve. Phos Children Tonic

·         Effective for liver problems

·         Useful for anemic children

·         Cures flabby children

·         Treats bilious problems

·         Effective in liver and bil

Composition of B.Ve. Phos Children Tonic

·         Chamomilla

·         Calcarea Carbonica

·         Podophyllum Peltatum

·         Cinchona Officinalis

·         Calcarea Phosphorica

Dosage of Haslab Laxyalo Tablet

1 spoon 3 times a day with water or milk or as directed by the physician

 Side-effect – There are no such side effects .