Homeopathy Dilution

Dilution means the operating of making concentrate weaker, more powerful, or less useful. But in domestic cases, we mean to improve the solution's strength and effectiveness against illnesses, by diluting (according to scale).

In homeopathy, the solution is diluted by adding water or alcohol strongly agitated by this succussion. According to Samuel Hanneman (founder of homeopathy) by succussion essential, energetic energies of diluted solution activates.

How dilution is done?

As we all know to make solution dilute or less concentrate we add other solutions like water, alcohol (in homeopathy), but here the question arises that in which quantity or ratio we can make the solution dilute so that it is effective for the diseases, So for this Hanneman made "C" scale or centesimal by mixing a solution by a factor of 100 at each stage.

Dilution is magic in Homeopathy

Yes, this is so true more the diluted solution more it is stronger, deeper against the diseases, Hanneman researched that if the solution is undiluted, it can result in the threatening cause, so he found that by diluting the solution and jiggling it up powerfully activates the molecules of the solution or you can say water or alcohol mimics the qualities of the original solution which makes it stronger or effective against the diseases.