Reckeweg Rhus Tox.30


Several brands deal in homoeopathic medicine. And today, we bring forward the best and effective homoeopathic medication of DR. Reckeweg, who earned a massive name in the homoeopathic industry and delivered great and top-level medicines.


Dr Reckeweg is a well-reputed and well-recognized brand that caters to homoeopathic medicine for over 70 years and ensures it delivers well-tolerated and effective treatment.


Let’s explore one of Dr Reckeweg that used to treat several health problems.


Reckeweg Rhus Toxicodendron dilution 30 CH is a highly remarkable and effective homoeopathic medicine used to treat several health problems. The dilution is also called a health tonic and is outstanding in providing relief from eczema, itchiness, herpes and rheumatic pain. The remedy widely used to treat skin rashes, vomiting and nausea.The medication should be taken under the doctor prescription and should avoid it from the children’s reach. 


As a homoeopathic medicine, the drug holds zero side-effects, and even research stated that there are no side-effects available.


No side effect does not implies, that you chose self-medication and must consult with the expert physician.


Uses of Reckeweg Rhus Tox.30

  • The dilution holds the medicinal properties of treating soreness, cough and dry throat.
  • It effectively provides relief from viral flu and infection.
  • The drug heals arthritis and rheumatism.
  • The medicine works amazingly in the extended menses with heavy discharge and ensures comfort from the abdominal pain.
  • The dilution uses to cure depression, anxiety and mental issues.
  • It provides relief from skin rashes and itchiness.
  • It keeps your body away from eczema and herpes.



The recommended dosage is 3-5 drops with a half cup of water thrice a day. Moreover, consumption varies from person to person and depends on the situation of the illness.

Consult the doctor for better treatment and avoid self-medication.