Homeopathy medicine for Bronchitis

Bronchitis is simply an inflammation of the windpipe or the bronchus. It is often caused by an infection (viral or bacterial), allergy, or both. This condition is a common and a major cause of absenteeism at work and school.

Bronchitis is slightly more common among women than it is in men, but the difference between them is not significant. Bronchitis is more common in the younger age group than it is in the adult population.


  • Allergy (pollen, industrial and environmental pollutants, etc.)

  • Tobacco

  • Infections (viral or bacterial), fungus, and microbial

  • Immunological

  • Temperature changes (extreme cold; change from cold to warmth and vice versa)


Cough is the most frequent symptom. Depending on the severity of the condition, the cough can be dry (without mucus) and wet (with mucus). Infective cough tends to produce more mucus than allergic cough. Bronchitis symptoms can be described as:

  • Cough, with or without mucus

  • Fever

  • Chest pain,

  • Difficulty breathing. Dyspnea

  • Throat pain

  • Nose congestion

  • Tightness, fatigue, and joint pain are all signs of infection.

Acute Bronchitis is a single episode of Bronchitis that resolves in less than three weeks.

Recurrent Bronchitis may occur if the underlying cause is low immunity or an increased risk of infection.

Patients who have lower immunity and/or are exposed to maintaining factors (pneumoconiosis), excessive alcohol consumption, cold and drought exposure, and/or smoking) maybe at risk. Patients may develop Chronic Bronchitis if they have persistent symptoms for up to two years.

Homeopathic Medicine for Bronchitis


Antimonium tartaricum

If the person feels like they have wet mucus and their breathing sounds like a rattling or bubbly, this is a sign that the remedy is working. It takes effort to cough, and it is not always strong enough to lift the mucus. However, burping or spitting can help. You may feel dizzy or drowsy and you might feel better if you lie on your right side or sit up.

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Calcarea carbonica

This is often recommended for Bronchitis following a cold. It can cause a severe cough that is bothersome and tickling. Children might experience fever and sweaty heads when they sleep, as well as feeling tired. Adults might feel colder and may have clammy hands, feet, and breathing difficulties when climbing up or downstairs.

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Hepar sulphuris calcareum

This remedy will treat a cough that is hoarse, rattling, and yellow in color. This person may be very sensitive to cold. Even a slight draft or sticking an elbow out of the covers could cause a severe case of coughing. The problem can be made worse by cold food and drink. This remedy can make someone feel vulnerable, both emotionally and physically. They may also be irritable and out-of-control.

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Kali bichromicum

This remedy can be identified by a metallic, brassy, and hacking cough that begins with a bothersome tickling in your upper air tubes, and then brings up strings of sticky yellow mucus. The chest may feel cold and a feeling of warmth can be felt. Coughing can cause pain behind the breastbone, or extend to the shoulders. When someone sleeps, breathing may produce a rattling sound. These problems are more common in the morning after drinking and eating, as well as when exposed to open air. A person is most comfortable lying down in bed and staying warm.

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Silicea (also known as Silica)

This remedy is effective for Bronchitis that lasts several weeks or even throughout the winter. It can take effort to cough and may produce yellowish or greenish mucus or granules with an unpleasant smell. When someone is coughing, they may feel some stitching in their back. The person will likely sweat more at night because they feel chills more than heat when they have a fever. This remedy is best for people who are sensitive, nervous, have low stamina, swollen glands, and are susceptible to infection.

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