Homeopathy for children and infants


Homeopathic remedies are safe to take for babies and children, are not' drugs' and can be used in combination with (complementary) traditional medicine or as an alternative.


Babies also respond to homeopathic treatment very quickly, and these are easy to administer as drops. Children can manage medicines well as powder, granules or small sucking tablets.


A solution is often offered to the mother (especially in case of breastfeeding), which will benefit both mom and baby.


During many stages of infancy, homeopathy can provide useful support.


As the pressures of development are faced, the child's constitution grows spontaneously. Often issues can come up and are impossible to elicit, but they can manifest themselves as physical symptoms (e.g., fever, persistent ache for the stomach, behavior problems, bed weights or sleep problems). Parents can often quite clearly describe to the homeopath the traits of their babies. A' whole human ' approach to homeopathy will help young children very well.