Bad Breath can be treated with Homeopathic Remedies

Bad Breath, also known as halitosis or foul Breath, is the catarrhal condition in the nose and throat. Unclean teeth or gums, or gum disease.


  • Bad odor in the mouth

  • Change your taste buds

  • Dry mouth

  • White coating on the tongue

  • Constipation

  • Thick saliva.


Bad Breath is most common in the mouth. There are many causes. These include:

  • Food: Food particles can cause bad Breath by being broken down and causing bacteria to grow around the teeth. Bad Breath can also be caused by certain foods like garlic, onions, and spices. They are then absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the lungs, where they can cause bad Breath.

  • Tobacco products: The unpleasant smell of smoking can also be caused by the use of tobacco products. Gum disease is another cause of bad Breath. Oral tobacco smokers are more likely to develop it.

  • Poor dental hygiene. Bad Breath can be caused by poor dental hygiene. Plaque is a colorless, sticky layer of bacteria that forms on your teeth. Plaque can cause irritation to your gums, eventually forming pockets of plaque between your teeth and gums. The bacteria that causes odors can also be trapped in your tongue. If dentures aren't properly fitted or cleaned frequently, they can harbour odor-causing bacteria as well as food particles.

  • Dry your mouth: Bad odors can be removed by saliva. Bad Breath can be caused by dry mouth, which is a condition that reduces saliva production. Dry mouth occurs naturally during sleep. This can lead to "morning breathe" and worsens when you sleep with your mouth open. A problem with your salivary glands or other diseases can cause chronic dryness.

  • Medication: Bad Breath can be caused by some medications. Some medications can be broken down by the body and released into Breath.

  • Infections: Bad Breath can result from surgical wounds, such as tooth extraction, or tooth decay, gum disease, or mouth sores.

  • Other conditions: conditions of the throat, mouth, and nose. Sometimes, bad breath can be caused by small stones in the tonsils that are covered with bacteria and produce an unpleasant odor. Bad Breath can also be caused by chronic inflammation or infections in the throat, sinuses, and nose.

  • There are other causes: Other causes include diseases like cancer and metabolic disorders that can produce distinctive odors in the Breath. Bad Breath can be caused by chronic reflux of stomach acid (gastroesophageal regurgitation disease, or GERD). Bad Breath in children younger than 5 years old can be caused by a foreign object, such as a piece of food, that has become lodged in the nostril.


Merc Sol: Bad Breath with Moist Mouth

Bad Breath is accompanied by a dry mouth and more saliva. Merc Sol is the best remedy. This natural medicine is used to treat bad Breath. It causes a persistent moistness in the mouth and an offensive odor. High amounts of saliva are produced by overactive salivary glands. It is also very offensive. The unpleasant odor of saliva can fill the entire room. The thirst for water increases with the excessive amount of saliva. Bad Breath can also be treated with Merc Sol. This is due to dental conditions such as tooth decay, gum infection, and spongy bleeding gums. Merc Sol is also a great choice for Bad Breath caused by ulcers. Bad Breath may also have a sweet metallic taste in some cases.

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Pulsatilla: Bad Breath with Dry Mouth

Pulsatilla is the best natural treatment for Bad Breath that has a dry mouth. Pulsatilla is very effective in Bad Breath cases with dry mouth. The patient is not able to drink water despite having a dry mouth. This adds to the unpleasant odor. It appears that the tongue is covered in thick mucus. You can also taste the mouth in many different ways, including salty, bitter, foul, or even no taste.

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Kreosote: Bad Breath from Cavities or decayed Teeth

Bad Breath due to tooth decay is best treated with Kreosote. Kreosote can be a great help in the treatment of Bad Breath due to caries teeth. Some people may experience bleeding gums and decayed teeth. Often, there is a bitter taste in the mouth.

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Hepar Sulph, Carbo Ve: Bad Breath and Gum Infection

Gingivitis (inflamed gums), and Pyorrhoea alveolaris ("discharge of pus/or blood from the gums' ') are two main causes of bad Breath. Gum infections can be treated with both Carbo Veg and Hepar Sulph. Hepar Sulph is safe to use in cases where only pus has been expelled from the gums. Hepar Sulph can be used to treat the root cause of bad breath and helps in the absorption of the pus from the gums. Carbo Veg is the best treatment for foul Breath caused by pus or blood from gums. If Bad Breath is accompanied by excessive salivation and pus from the gums, then Merc Sol may be an option.

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