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Baidyanath Abhrak Bhasm (Sahastraputi) (1g)

Baidyanath Abhrak Bhasm (Sahastraputi) (1g)
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                                                                                                   Abhrak Bhasm

  An Ayurveda formulation for treating asthma, old age debility, phthisis, and skin diseases.

Is made from composition of mica and several sub continental herbs extracts

Helps in condition like anemia which helps by increasing iron content In blood stream

It promotes desire for sexual activity - Napunsakata (Impotency) - Spermatorrhea

Composition Of Abhrak Bhasm

Abhrak (Biotite/black mica)





Aluminum (in traces)

Plant alkaloids (in traces)

General: Use prescribed amount

Before or After Meal: After Meal

Single Maximum Dose: 375 mg

Best Medium For Intake: Honey

Dosage Form: Bhasma

Dosage Route: Oral

Times for Dosage: Twice A Day

Course Duration: Ongoing

Baidyanath Abhrak Bhasm (Sahastraputi) (1g)

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