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Ralson Mensural Syrup (115ml)

Ralson Mensural Syrup (115ml)
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About Ralson Mensural Syrup

Ralson Remedies Mensural Syrup specialized tonic for women and helps to reduce the discharge of excessive black blood from the womb, menorrhagia, excessive menstruation, ovaritis, leucorrhoea, white, yellow, or green discharge from vagina and anaemia.

Composition of Ralson Mensural Syrup

·         Abroma Augusta Q

·         Abroma Radix Q

·         Aletris Farinosa Q

·         Alfalfa Q

·         Terminalia Arjuna Q

·         Berberis Vulgaris Q

·         Caulophyllum T. Q

·         Cinchona Q

·         Crataegus oxy Q

·         Ashoka (Janosia Ashoka) Q

·         Pulsatilla N Q

·         Viburnum Prun Q

·         Kali Brom 1x

Doses of Ralson Ralson Mensural Syrup

Female Adults, two teaspoonful with water thrice daily or as directed by the physician. Shake well before use.

Store in a cool & dark place. Shake well before use.

Side effects: There are no known Side-effects