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PHBL Rheumacure Syrup [450ml]

PHBL Rheumacure Syrup [450ml]
PHBL Rheumacure Syrup [450ml]
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PHBL Rheumacure Syrup [450ml]
PHBL Rheumacure Syrup [450ml]

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PHBL Rheumacure Syrup [450ml]
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Information on PHBL Rheumacure Syrup

High quality ingredients with best homeopathic medicines combination

Also Known As: Pbhl reheumacure

Active Ingredients:

·         Allium Sativa Q

·         Apis Mel.Q

·         Bryonia Alb.Q

·         Cimicifuga Recimosa Q

·         Dioscorea Vill.Q

·         Eupatorium Perf.Q

·         Guaiacum Q

·         Rhus Tox.Q

·         Spigelia Man. Q

·         Mag Phos. 3X

·         Nat.Phos. 3X

·         Syrup & Aromatics

·         Purified Water

·         Caramel

·         ENA Alchohol


Used For:


·         Inflammatory Pain Of Muscle And Joints

·         Rheumatic Pain Relief

·         Pain due to chill winds

·         Pain in limbs and finger joints


How to Use:


Two Table Spoon Thrice A Day


Things to remember:


Store away from sunlight below 25 C

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