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Brand: St. George Quantity: 30ml
St. George Nardostachys Grandiflora 1X (Q) (30ML)..
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St. George Rudanti (Capparis Moonii) 1X (Q) (30ML)
-11 %
Brand: St. George Quantity: 30ml
About St George Capparis Moonii (Rudanti) Mother Tincture QRudanti is a mirculas herb well know in mythologies for its medical use, Also known as Rasayana or RudravantiComposition of Capparis Moonii (Rudanti) MTRudanti ExtractUses of Capparis Moonii (Rudanti) Mother Tincture Q·   &n..
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Brand: St. George Quantity: 30ml
Vesicaria communis. N. O. Cruciferae (Tribe, Alyssineae). Tincture of whole fresh plant.Vesicaria Communis Q (MT) is used for all kidney related disease as well as verry effective in kidney failure,  hands and feet swelling,  irritable kidneys and bladder with polyuria..
Rs.118.00 Rs.120.00
ADEL Ginseng Quinquefolium Mother Tincture Q
-17 %
Brand: Adel Pekana Quantity: 20ml
Also known asginsen, ginseAdel Ginseng(Mother tincture)Scientific Name: Panax Quinquefolium Causes & Symptoms for Adel Ginseng(Mother tincture)Ginseng has a stimulatory effect on the secretory glands, in patients suffering from dryness in the mouth with difficult swallowing of saliva on acc..
Rs.232.40 Rs.280.00
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