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Himalaya Confido Tabs

Himalaya Confido
Himalaya Confido is an ayurvedic product that is a well-known sexual wellness product. It boosts testosterone levels & improves sexual function in men. Helps to strengthen penile tissue. It improves the blood circulation in the reproductive organ.

Key ingredients of Himalaya Confido
1. Vriddhadaru, Gokshura, Jeevanti, Shaileyam,
2. Powders Ashvagandha, Kokilaksha, Vanya Kahu, Kapikachhu, Svarnavanga

Uses of Himalaya Confido

It helps in the management of sexual dysfunction in men.
Boosts libido and improves sperm count Helps to strengthen the penile tissue.
Acts as a powerful natural aphrodisiac Help to improve testosterone level.
It May help to keep a firm erection enough for sexual intercourse.