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Dr. Wellmans Digecom Syrup (200ml)

Dr. Wellmans Digecom Syrup (200ml)
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About Dr. Wellmans Digecom Syrup

Wellmans digecome is all rounder syrup to get rid for problems related with gastric troubles Relieves Indigestion, Acidity, Gastritis, Flatulence, Constipation  

Benefits of Dr. Wellmans Digecom Syrup

·         gastrointestinal disturbances

·         For rolling and hysterical flatulence

·         Removes dyspepsia due to regurgitation of food and constipation

·         Best for  violent gastralgia and burning in stomach

 Composition of Dr. Wellmans Digecom SyrupInternal:

·         Piper Ng. 2X

·         Nux Vom 3X

·         Thymus 5X

·         AsafoetiXa 3X

·         HyXrastis 3X

·         LycopoXium 2X

·         Coriandrum Sativa 5X

·         Carbo Veg. 5X Excip. q.s.

 Doses of Dr. Wellmans Digecom Syrup

For adults - one teaspoonful

For children - half teaspoonful twice daily after meals or as directed by a physician. Side effects: There are no known Side-effects