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SBL Nux Vomica 1000 CH (30ml)

SBL Nux Vomica 1000 CH (30ml)
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SBL Nux Vomica 1000 CH (30ml)
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SBL Nux Vomica 1M CH (30ml)

Common Name - Poison nut (Strychnine)

Kingdom - Plantae

Genus - Strychnos

Species – S. nux-vomica

Family - Loganiaceae


Clinical Uses-

Alcoholism, Asthma ,Colic ,Constipation, Cough , Diarrhoea, Gastric disorders ,Gall stones, Haemorrhoids , Fever ,Headache , Pregnancy disorders ,Sleeplessness



·       Headache in the occiput or over the eyes

·       Vertigo with momentary loss of consciousness

·       Headache in sunshine



·       Nose stuffed especially at night and outdoors

·       Acrid discharge

·       Coryza

·       Epistaxis in the morning


·       Sour taste and nausea in the morning, after eating

·       Nausea and vomiting with bitter eructations

·       Stomach very sensitive to pressure

·       Frequent ineffectual desire or passing of small quantities of stool at each time.

·       Itching with haemorrhoids.

Female Issues-

·       Menses always irregular , black blood.

·       Prolapse of uterus.

·       Dysmenorrhea with constant urging of stool.

·       Inefficient labor pains.

Respiratory Problems-

·       Asthma with fullness in stomach, in the morning or after eating

·       Oppressed breathing

·       Cough brings on a bursting headache


·       Cannot sleep after 3 a.m. till the morning

·       Better after a short sleep


·       Cold stage of fever

·       Patient must be covered

·       Chilliness on being uncovered, yet he does not allow being covered.


·       As directed by physicians

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