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Homeopathic Medicine for Fistula

Dr. Reckeweg Acid Fluoricum 30 CH (11ml)
-16 % -16 %
About Reckeweg (RW) Acid Fluor 30 Dilution Tis dilution is made from mild chemical Flouric Acid majorly used for varicose veins and ulcers in mouthAlso Known As : Acid Fluoric, Acid fluoricum, Flouric AcidForm: DropBenefits Of Acid Fluor·        ..
₹122 ₹145
New Life NL-17 (Fistula Drops) (30ml)
-16 % -16 %
Brand: New Life
About New Life NL-17 (Fistula Drops)Also Known As: New Life 17Uses of NL17·         Pain, burning in anal region with bleeding·         Protruding piles with Pus And Blood Discharge, offensive dischargeComposition ..
₹126 ₹150
Willmar Schwabe India Alpha DP (Digestive Problems) (20g)
-16 % -16 %
About Willmar Schwabe India [WSI] Alpha DP (Digestive Problems)Alpha DP Tabs is product from schwabe india is used for influenza and chronic cough of irritative and spasmodic natureUsed for Alpha DP (Digestive Problems)·         Controls belching, flatule..
₹148 ₹175
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