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Hapdco Fairway Cream (25g)

 Hapdco Fairway Cream (25g)
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Hapdco Fairway Cream

HPD Fairway Cream promote fair complexion to dull complexion persion person with any side effects as it comes from all natural source

Key Ingredients:

Berberis Aquifolium

·         Oleum Santali

·         Echinacea Angustifolia

·         Thuja occidentalis

·         Hydrastis Canadensis

It reduces skin pigmentation also makes skin look equally glowing, It gives you excellent skin texture and complexion 

Course Duration: As directed by the doctor

Frequency: 3 daily

Dosage Route: Apply on skin

Single Maximum Dose: Pea size cream on skin

Before or After Meal: Either

Disease: Skin Complexion

Hapdco Fairway Cream (25g)

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