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Dr. Reckeweg R39 (Sinistronex) Affections Of The Abdomen Left Side Drop (22ml)

Dr. Reckeweg R39 (Sinistronex) Affections Of The Abdomen Left Side Drop (22ml)
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Dr. Reckeweg R39  (Sinistronex) Affections Of The Abdomen Left Side Drop

Dr. Reckeweg R39 (Sinistronex) is a homeopathic medicine designed to address a range of ailments that predominantly affect the left side of the body. This includes heart, and respiratory system conditions, and various neuralgic pains. Formulated with a blend of natural homeopathic ingredients, R39 offers a holistic approach to managing and alleviating symptoms associated with left-sided complaints.

Form: Drops

Indication Of Dr. Reckeweg R39

Affections of the ovaries (left side), parametric, and annexes. Cysts, inflammation, tumors. Beneficient action in case of inflammation; annexitis, salpingitis, parametritis, and cysts of the ovaries. The present remedy should be tried before deciding upon a surgical operation, also in cases of bad cicatrizing after an operation, and ill-defined affections of the parametrium (left side) R38 is to be tried if the right side is affected.


Action Of Main Composition Dr. Reckeweg R39:

Lachesis: Convulsive pains in the abdomen (left) with flushing.

Lycopodium: Specific action in convulsive pains located around the descending colon sigmoid (S-romanum), arousing fears of cancer that is often all too well-grounded.

Palladium: Acts of cysts of the ovaries and inflammation, acute and chronic.

Saxifraga: Specific action in renal calculi (left side). The action of the present remedy is directed in the main against affections of the feminine abdomen (left), when the pains radiate in the upper parts and are eventually accompanied by renal calculi or intestinal pains. These general conditions of irritation are echoed as vegetative reflexes throughout the several organs and can contaminate the latter.


- As prolonged cure 3 times daily 10-15 drops in some water before meals, eventually to be alternated with other, complementary, remedies listed under "Remarks". In cases of acute inflammation with fever and pains suddenly developing, the same dose every 1-2 hours (possibly in a little warm water). Simultaneous application of hot poultices, cooked potato poultices or physico-therapeutic treatments like short wave rays.

Key Benefits of Dr. Reckeweg R39

    1. Supports Cardiovascular Health

                      • Helps control symptoms of left-sided heart situations which include angina and palpitations.
                      • Aids in improving regular coronary heart features and movement.

                      2. Relieves Respiratory Issues

                      • Addresses left-sided breathing court docket cases like pleurisy and pneumonia.
                      • Reduces congestion and inflammation inside the respiration tract.

                      3. Alleviates Neuralgic Pains

                      • Provides consolation from neuralgic pain that is localized to the left aspect of the frame.
                      • Helps manage signs of left-sided migraines and complications.

                      4. Supports Digestive Health

                      • Eases digestive problems that predominantly affect the left aspect, which includes left-sided colitis or stomach pain.
                      • Promotes higher digestion and reduces soreness.

                      5. Improves Overall Well-being

                      • Enhances the frame’s natural recovery methods.
                      • Supports ordinary health and well-being via addressing particular left-sided symptoms and signs.


                      Dr. Reckeweg R39 (Sinistronex) is a versatile homeopathic remedy designed to address many left-sided ailments. Whether it's heart-related issues, respiratory conditions, neuralgic pains, or digestive discomforts, R39 provides a natural and effective solution. Using natural homeopathic ingredients, it supports overall health and well-being, offering complete relief for left-sided complaints.

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                      Dr. Reckeweg R39 (Sinistronex) Affections Of The Abdomen Left Side Drop (22ml)

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