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SBL Jaborandi Plus Hair Oil (100ml)

SBL Jaborandi Plus Hair Oil (100ml)
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  • SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil (100ml)

     Jaborandi hair oil, the boon for your hair that will tackle your hair woes and ensure hair growth. The oil belongs from the sunflower family and provides an infinite number of hair and skin benefits. If you are a homeopathic addict or ever use medicine then you must be aware that Jaborandi is also known as Arnica. Over the centuries, Jaborandi oil is used for multiple medicinal purposes. The antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties enable the effectiveness and efficiency of curing many hair woes.

    SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil (100ml)  Composition:
    • ·      Pure Jaborandi Extract

    Jaborandi Hair Oil Cures These Hair Woes.

    • ·         Hair Loss
    • ·         Split Ends
    • ·         Dandruff
    • ·         Premature Greying
    • ·         Unhealthy Scalp

    Benefits of Jaborandi hair oil

    ·         Prevents Hair Loss

    Losing hair around 150-200 is normal but if you are losing excessively then you need to show concern towards your hair. As you may suffer from hair loss or your hair did not get adequate nutrition and proper care. So, for hair loss, Jaborandi or Arnica hair oil is considered to be best as it strengthens the hair and boosts hair growth.


    ·         Get Rid Of Dandruff


    Embarrassed when the dry skin flakes often fall on your shoulder and leave nothing to say. Dandruff is often caused by the fungal infection or scalp irritation that lead to many hair problems. So, if you wanted to say no to dandruff or embarrassment then Jaborandi hair oil is an ideal choice for you. The antimicrobial properties mitigate the fungal infection and nurture the scalp to keep your hair dandruff free.


    ·         Postpone Premature Greying


    20, the age for fun and enjoyment and becoming more beautiful but instead of this you are facing your premature greying that makes you dizzy and frustrated. So, why worry, as we have come up with the Jaborandi hair oil, the best and natural way to restore your premature greying.


    ·         Avoids Split Ends


    Split ends, the prickly hair woes that are often faced by several people and take time to heal. This hair woe decreases the hair look but Arnica oil has the power to cure this problem, the healthy protein disappears, the split ends problems and strengthens the hair and leaves your hair shiny and lustrous.

SBL Jaborandi Plus Hair Oil (100ml)

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