1. Graphites – Top grade Eczema Medicine

Graphites is one of the best-grade eczema medicines. Graphites work well in both dry and wet eczema environments. The key symptoms that must be observed in dry eczema before prescribing graphites are-excessively rough, dry skin with intense irritation. The skin eruptions of wet eczema will ooze hot, sticky fluid where Graphites will produce results. Graphites also work well between fingers and toes for eczema which oozes glutinous discharge. It is also a good therapeutic alternative for eyelid eczema with red margins and scaliness.

2. Natrum Mur -In Bend of Limbs, for Eczema Natrum Mur falls into the highly classified drugs group for eczema in the bends of limbs.

The limb bends include those in between the elbows behind the knee and skin folds. In fact the eczema eruptions in the limb

bends are dry, chapped, raw, inflamed, and crusty. Besides this, Natrum Mur is a well-indicated eczema eruption

drug that occurs along the edge of the hairline.

3.Sulphur and Psorinum- Excessive scratching for dry eczema

Sulfur is a popular eczema drug with severe itching, and rash with eczema.

It is followed by constant scratching. Burning sensation is accompanied by rash scratching. The itching worsens at night and in the evening.Warmth makes

scratching worse too.Washing can in some casesincrease the itching of eczema rash.The skin has a

very dirty and unhealthy appearance.Another guiding function for Sulphur use is

eczema, which worsens during the spring season.Sulfur is also the most suitable medicine choice for cases of eczema which have been treated with ointments in the past.