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Bakson AC 9 Tablets (Hair Falling) (200tab)

Bakson AC 9 Tablets (Hair Falling) (200tab)
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About Bakson’s AC 9 Tablets (Hair Falling)

Bak AC 9 Tablets used for reducing Hair Thinning & hairfall, Dandruff, Scalp Dryness, Baldness

Uses of Baksons AC 9 Tablets (Hair Falling)

·         Restores lost hair and promotes their healthy growth

·         Helps to ease hair problems due to nutritional deficiency

·         Provides treatment to the thinning of hair all over scalp

·         Treats patches of baldness around the forehead and premature greying of hair

Composition of AC 9 Tablets (Hair Falling)

·         Acid phos. 6x

·         Lycopodium 3x

·         Jaborandi 2x

·         Natrum mur. 3x

·         Arnica mont. 6x

·         Cantharis 6x

 Doses of Bakson AC#9 Tablets (Hair Falling)

1 tablet twice daily

Side effects: There are no known Side-effects


Bakson AC 9 Tablets (Hair Falling) (200tab)

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