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Allen Five Phos Syrup (100ml)

Allen Five Phos Syrup (100ml)
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About Allen Five Phos Syrup

Also Known As : 5 Phos

Symptoms: Complete Tonc

Composition of Allen Five Phos Syrup

·         Calcarea Phos. 3x

·         Ferrum Phos. 3x

·         Kali Phos. 3x

·         Magnesium Phos. 3x

·         Natrum Phos. 3x

·         Lecithin 3x

·         Alcohol in syrup and sweetener base

Five Phos Syrup Used for

·         For those who are exhausted by lot of mental work, physical work and generalised weakness c

·          It is a combination of phosphates with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium

·         It gives strength at Nervous, physical, and general body level giving energy. It works in all age groups.

·         For Anemia (Hb)


·         1 or 2 teaspoonful after food, 3 times a day.

Side effects: No side effects of Five Phos Syrup are known

Allen Five Phos Syrup (100ml)

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