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SSL BIOTECH Cholra Fresh (30 ml)
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INDICATION : Helpful in sour burp, stomach pain, indigestion, vomiting, loosmotion etc. DOSE: 20 drops daily, three to four times with half cup of fresh water. Give its dose to children according to their age...
Rs65.60 Rs80.00
New -18 % -18 %
Used in weakness of pancreas, insulin production either decreases or stops because of which sugar level increase in body resulting in loss of body strength, weakness, more urge to urinate, less control over senses & become dirty, loss in urge to masturbation, pain in limbs, continuous deteriorat..
Rs246.00 Rs300.00
SSL Biotech Eczyma Fresh Lotion (10g)
New -18 % -18 %
INDICATION : Any Anti Itching Lotion.DIRECTION FOR USE : Any Eczema Advice 2 Times Daily on Effected area...
Rs69.70 Rs85.00
SSL BIOTECH Nayto Fresh (60 Caps)
New -18 % -18 %
Composition: Each capsule contains:Asli AkarkraBargad ChaalBabul GondGokharuMulhattiMal Sindur Sudh KuchlaSudh ShilajeetSatavarSafed MusaliSalam MisriTal Makhanaस्वप्नदोष, पेशाव निकलना, या बाद में वीर्य के साथ मर्दाना कमजोरी, हाथ पैर में झनझनाहट एवं वीर्य वर्धक की अचूक दवा नायटो फ्रेश कैप्सूल.F..
Rs184.50 Rs225.00
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