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SBL Kalmegh Drops (30ml)

SBL Kalmegh Drops (30ml)
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About SBL Kalmegh Paediatric Drops

In the mist of adult kalmegh drops sbl made unique composition for Enlarged & Fatty Liver, Jaundice, Hepatitis, Acidity, Constipation

Also Known As: kalmegh

Symptoms: Reduces Ear Ache, Removes Dry Wax, Ear Obstruction

Composition of Kalmegh Paediatric Drops

·         Androgarphis Paniculata Q

·         Chelidonium Majus Q

·         Carica Papaya Q

·          Myrica Cerifera 3x

·         Hydrocotyle Asiatica Q

·         Hygrophila Spinosa Q

·         Alcohol in syrup and sweetener base.

USES OF Kalmegh Paediatric Drops

·         It helps to counter following symptoms in kids

·         Indigestion (अपच या अजीर्ण या बदहजमी / Dyspepsia)

·         Flatulence (Gas)

·         Constipation (कब्ज )

·         Covers wide range of hepatic and gastric complaints.

Dosage: Children: 5-10 drops, three times daily.

Side effects: No side effects of Kalmegh are known.