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Medisynth Diabekoll Syrup (450ml)

Medisynth Diabekoll Syrup (450ml)
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About Medisynth Diabekoll Syrup

Also Known As :Beck & Koll Diabekoll

Symptoms: High Blood Sugar Level and Weakness associated with it

Composition of Medisynth Diabekoll Syrup

·         Syzygium Jambolanum Q

·         Gymnema Sylvestre Q

·         Abroma Augusta Q

·         Cephalandra Indica Q

·         Acidum Phosphoricum Q

Medisynth Diabekoll Syrup Used for

·         Helps to reduce thirst, weakness, emaciation and very large amount of urine with high specific gravity

·         Helps to maintain blood sugar levels

·         Prevents infection rate due to sugar

  • Decreases blood sugar and urine sugar level and prevents complications associated with diabetes mellitus like blood pressure, cardiovascular, eye and renal disorders

·         Also Helps in glaucoma, irritability and food craving


1 teaspoonful, 2 times in a day for adults or as directed by the physician

Side effects: No side effects of Diabekoll Syrup are known


Medisynth Diabekoll Syrup (450ml)

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