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Harpo Baby Rex 120 ml

 Harpo Baby Rex 120 ml
 Harpo Baby Rex 120 ml
 Harpo Baby Rex 120 ml
 Harpo Baby Rex 120 ml

About Harpo Baby Rex

It seems there might be some confusion. As of my last update, there's no information available on a product called "Hapro Baby REX medicine." However, it's possible that such a product could be a pediatric medicine developed by a pharmaceutical company, possibly targeting common ailments in infants and young children. This hypothetical medicine might focus on providing relief from issues like colic, teething discomfort, fever, or other pediatric conditions. If you have a specific concept or idea in mind related to "Hapro Baby REX medicine," feel free to provide more details, and I can tailor my response accordingly.

What is baby rex syrup used for?

This syrup is designed to enhance mental health and physical growth in infants and children through homeopathic principles. It targets the brain and nervous system, alleviating debility and weakness while supporting liver function. Additionally, it aids in reducing stomach disorders such as spasmodic pain, diarrhea, and flatulence.

Harpo Baby Rex 120 ml

  • loss of appetite
  • teething trouble
  • vomiting
  • digestive disturbance
  • colic
  • contain nutrients for positive health
  • Stock: 100
  • Packsize: 120 ml

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