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Allen X-Cite Dum Drops (30ml)

Allen X-Cite Dum Drops (30ml)
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About Allen XCite Dum Drops

Allen Xcite Dum is powerful nerve tonic for men

Used for Allen X-Cite Dum Drops

·         Improves vitality and stamina

·         Premature Ejaculation

·         Stimulates Lactation

Composition of Allen X-Cite Dum Drops

·         Acidum phosphoricum 3x 0.025 ml.

·         Agnus castus Q 0.025 ml.

·         Caladium seguinum Q 0.025 ml.

·         Withania somnifera Q 0.025 ml.

·         Ginseng Q 0.025 ml.

·         Onosmodium virginianum Q 0.050 ml.

·         Damiana Q 0.025 ml.

·         Yohimbinum Q 0.050 ml.

·         Selenium 3x 0.100 mg.

·         Nuphar lutea Q 0.050 ml.

·         Tribulus terrestris Q 0.100 ml. Alcohol 48% v/v

Doses of Allen X-Cite Dum Drops

Take 10-15 Drops diluted with half cup of water twice a day. Or as directed by the Physician.

Side effects: There are no known Side-effects