Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Dandruff


How much do we see advertisements on tv or in trendy magazines that advertise hair treatment items for dandruff! Dandruff is such a common problem, that it is not only a style irritant, as all these advertisements emphasize, but also ultimately a medical problem which affects almost every second person and almost every age group. Homeopathic medications for dandruff automatically cure it and guarantee a full healing from it.


Dandruff is a disorder characterized by the disposal, but not limited to the scalp,of dead skincells that often damage the face, lips, nose sides, beards and the hairy chest of the neck. It may occur with hair follicles

on every part of the body. Seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhoea is

sometimes referred to in dandruff.When babies arise, it is popularly referred to as a "cradle cap," typically lost after a few months

to reappear at a later date, although it is more generally referred to as a "druff" in young adults.


The biggest benefit of dandruff homeopathy, as it does not only deal with the symptoms but also the underlying cause of the illness or disorder, offers a systematic approach to care with no sideeffects. The homeopathic treatments in the event of dandruff may be adapted to the unique demands of a situation. In fact, I have noticed that the five strongest dandruff solutions are the following:



1. Kali Sulph – For Profuse Cream-yellow, Scaly Dandruff

This is a great natural medicine for dandruff that is yellow in color.  I have found it to work well in most cases of dandruff and scald head.

2. Thuja – For White Scaly Dandruff

I have found this natural remedy is most suited for cases of white scaly dandruff, hair dryness and flakes falling off.

3. Phosphorous – For Dandruff with Falling of hair

I often take the help of this medicine in treating patients with persistent itching of the scalp, with hair falling off in large clumps.