Willmar Schwabe Pituitary Gland 3X

Willmar Schwabe Pituitary Gland 3X is a homoeopathic medicine used for several treatments and cure many illnesses. The drug made from the pituitary gland and useful in vertigo, hemorrhages’, nocturnal anguish and avoid the fear of impotence, vomiting, cheek bleeding and weakness. 


About Willmar Schwabe


The well-known and renowned German pharmacist Dr Willmar Schwabe had served his massive years in the homoeopathic industry and provides standard and quality homoeopathic medicine worldwide. The idea of developing homoeopathic medicine using modern techniques enables Dr Willmar Schwabe, as a pioneering pharmacist in the 19th century.


If you are suffering from vertigo, hemorrhages’ and hypertension, there are several other ailments for which the doctor prescribed this medicine and suggested Dr Willmar Schwabe for better health and medical aid.


Always consult with the doctor for medication rather than self-medication.


Other Names: Pituitaria glandula, Pituitary, Pituitarium Glandula, pituitrine


Uses of Willmar Schwabe Pituitary Gland 3X


  • It heals vertigo, hemorrhages’ and hypertension.
  • Nervousness, exasperated after night contamination. Fixation thoughts connected to the uro-genital region. The dread of impotence, fear of passing pee, night time misery. Torturing thoughts, particularly of sexual nature of barrenness. 
  • It cures mental illness, promotes concentration and allows your mind to get relax and calm.
  • The drug prevents thyroid illness.
  • It cures skin swelling, discoloration of the skin, white and black patches and oedematous itching.
  • The drug act as a healer if you have an undeveloped sexual organ.
  • It is helpful in vertigo, mental illness, confusion and over thinking.
  • It is useful in dyspepsia, nausea and vomiting.
  • The drug provides relief from high blood pressure, chronic nephritis, and prostatitis.


Reactions with Willmar Schwabe Pituitary Gland 3X


As a homoeopathic, the drug shows no harmful reaction with other medicine, and it is entirely safe if you consume other allopathy medicine.




The recommended dosage, Take 5 drops in half a cup of water three times a day. 

Still, we suggest taking this medication under expert guidance. All the homoeopathic medicine prescription varies from individual to individual.

We know that this is a homoeopathic medicine, and it holds zero side-effects, but prescription varies according to the illness’s situation, body type and past medical history.

Therefore, consult with the doctor or expert homoeopaths for better medical help.




No side effects. It has zero side-effects as a homoeopathic drug, and according to the medical expert, the medication did not show any side effects.

Remember, all the medication, either homoeopathic or not, must consult with an expert physician for better medical aid.


Safety Advice



  • Stop intake of tobacco and alcohol during its course.
  • Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, then consult with an expert physician.
  • Breast Feeding: Consult with the expert physician.
  • Maintain a gap of 15 minutes of medicine before or after food.


The motive of this blog is to keep you informed about the medicine rather than self-medication. If you suffer from any above ailments, then do seek medical aid for better health care service.

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