Reckeweg Alfalfa Tonic: Views, Uses, Side-effects, Benefits and Dosages



A German formulation of homoeopathic tonic uses to restore energy and to strengthen the overall body.


From anemia to nervous indigestion, Reckeweg alfalfa tonic holds all the medicinal properties to relieve such illness. 


Several people face several health issues; some are torment from weight loss, and others haunt for weight gain.


Now say bye-bye to all your suffering that had bothered you a lot. We are introducing a medicine that active ingredients Alfalfa is known as the father of all foods. It is highly beneficial for health. Alfalfa tonic of Reckeweg is highly known for its treating properties and provides relief from anxiety, exhaustion, etc.


 What are the uses of Reckeweg alfalfa tonic?


We all know that brand Reckeweg always comes up with outstanding and effective medicine that focuses on curing health woes and providing relief from the pain.

This time brand launched Reckeweg alfalfa tonic, a homoeopathic solution to cure several illnesses such as anemia, loss of appetite, weight gain and boost overall health through best nutrition.


If you suffered from massive weight loss and looking for a weight gain solution, then your search ends here. Tonic intake enables the body to gain weight and promotes muscle mass rather than fat.  Reckeweg alfalfa tonic is known as medicaga sativa.


Benefits of Reckeweg alfalfa tonic


Reckeweg alfalfa tonic is a homoeopathic solution with several health benefits.


  • The drug is excellent for attaining vitality and promotes healthy weight gain.
  • It majorly uses to treat malnutrition, neurasthenia, insomnia and indigestion
  • It overcomes the loss of appetite and impotence
  • It provides relief from cramps and muscle pain.
  • It stabilizes your mind and takes over all the stress to keep your mind more relaxed and calm and protect you from the mental exhilaration of buoyancy.
  • The drug is highly remarkable to strengthen the overall body of children and promotes better growth.
  • It heals the deficiency of calcium production and stimulates enough perturbation production to encourage the development of bones.
  • The consumption of medicine is excellent for growing children.


Hence, we have penned down the medicine benefits; if you had suffered from any of it, then consult with the doctor for better medical aid.



We all know that Reckeweg alfalfa tonic is a homoeopathic medicine that barely holds any side-effects. Similarly, when we look for the side-effects of this medicine, then we find nothing. However, the medical expert claimed that this drug is free from side-effects.




Regardless, the dosage varies from individual to individual, but there is some recommended dosage available.

Adults: If you are an adult and above 12 years old, then 1 tablespoon(10ml) full is advisable to consume 3 times a day before meal

Children: The children between 6-12 years old need to consume 1 tablespoon full (5ml) full 3 times a day before meal.

Below 6 years old children: Consult with the doctor for proper guidance.


For pregnant women: Its intake is adequate for the health during pregnancy, but you have to follow the doctor guidance and consume the medicine according to the doctor direction..


Breastfeeding:  Need to consult with the doctor 


Low Blood Pressure: Safe, if you had a low blood pressure problem, then the intake of medicine as safe as it helps to overcome the BP problem. Still, we suggest consulting with the doctor too to avoid any repercussion.


Final Thoughts 

This homoeopathic tonic is suitable for all ages. Whether you are 12-year-old children, an adult or an oldie person, this tonic stimulates the body's energy and strengthens the overall body performance, boost nutrition, enhance muscular mass, and treat malnutrition, anemia, stress and anxiety and enables better performance of nervous system.


The medicine made of multiple ingredients possesses effective remedial cures. If you hardly fall asleep and your mind induces stress and worry, this medicine works as a healer and relaxant that will keep all your pressure and fear out of mind and develop a more relaxed and calm mind. 


Remember, the motive of the blog is to inform you about the medicine rather than self-medication. Always consult with the doctor for better health care.


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