Homeopathy is based on the theory that all sicknesses are due to some substance  that affects the constitution of individuals. This is unlike western medical practice which believes that disease is caused by some virus or some other harmful agent. In homeopathy, an individual's constitution is looked at in order to ascertain what kind of remedy they will need. There are four basic homeopathic remedies used as a treatment for recurrent tonsillitis. The three homeopathic remedies are Belladonna, Hepar Sulphur and Calcarea Carbonica 

Belladonna is one of the oldest remedies used by homeopaths. This medicine is made from the root of Belladonna tinctorious which is a plant found growing wild across the Mediterranean and parts of Africa. This plant is known for its abilities to reduce inflammation, cough and fever. For this reason it is extensively used as a treatment for ailments including chronic cough, neuralgia, insomnia and intermittent fever. It is also used to treat many digestive disorders including flatulence and stomach cramps.

Hepar Sulphur is another widely used homeopathy medicine. It is made from the root of the plant Heparicum which is found growing wild across India and Pakistan. It has been used for thousands of years to reduce inflammation, cough, neuralgia, colds, influenza and rheumatism. Because of its soothing and cooling properties, it is often used in combination with Belladonna. It is very effective in the treatment of flu and respiratory tract infections.

Calcarea Carbonica is made from two herbs - Cina, or Indian Chlorophyll, and Calcarea Maritima, or Marjoram. Both these herbs have anti-inflammatory properties that are useful when used in their own right but are especially good when combined. The treatment is similar to that of Belladonna and should not be used without diluting it with alcohol. This homeopathic remedy is also highly effective at curing herpes, shingles, cold sores and eczema.

Homeopathy can certainly provide side effects free treatment, but the fact remains that it has very few negative side effects. These side effects are due to the way in which the remedy is administered, and the fact that it is taken under strict medical supervision. As long as you follow the recommended dose, there will be no problems or complications. Although this type of medication can be expensive, if your health is in danger then it's worth buying the few tablets that you need to buy. Homeopathy remedies are also considered to be one of the most effective forms of treatment available to us today.