Homeopathic remedies for : "Cough"


In homeopathy, in particular homeopathic remedies, success depends on the person's specific symptoms matching the remedy. The critical here is to look at the character of toxins in a few key treatments and to identify the toxins. Is it pushing you up at night? Is it dry or hot, wheezing or still changing? Was the mucus remaining down or quick to get up? Does heat, coldness, movement or lying make it worse? Sadly, labels have space to say "cold," "cough" and/or "flu." Don't give up, you can search several books for key information.



These three favourites are all definable coughs. Note: the definitions include applications which may not be on all the brands of these remedies. Please note:


The cough appears to be hard, weak, and painful at night and in the night – and you're forced to sit back and down over time.


 Pulsatilla: The cough is sick of coughing at night and cough. It starts dry and with a fit of rattling in the morning, but the dense mucosa falls off in the morning as the congestion matures. The bouts of coughing leave your throat sore and leave your lungs sorrowful.


Antimonium tart: Non-productive chesty cough.

 This cough treatment is extremely irritating. The mucous membrane falls to the throat. The cough is tired and fit after it's fit, forces the cougher to sit up and does not produce much sputum. Soon there is Hoarseness. Like Pulsatilla, night lying makes cough even worse, particularly when warmly bundled.


 Nux vomica: A suffocating cough reveals an uninterrupted flu with extreme chillness. The cough is very dry and tight. It oppresses respiration and causes an overwhelming headache. In the morning (maybe start at 3 a.m.) and with the cold dry atmosphere cough symptoms are feeling worse. During the nap ended and damp weather, symptoms tend to diminish a little. The flu / cold may also be heat-irritating, nose-blocking mucus and raw sore throat that sends pain to the ears to swallow your throat. It's very important. Toughness and other symptoms typically lead to irritability and sensitivity to light, noise, etc. Nux trademark * *