Allergy is a very unique medical condition for everyone. Simply put, the other person and the other way round, what the body might be allergic to. Allergy is a hypersensitive rapid reaction that happens following allergic contact with multiple symptoms. What's an allerg now? It is a material that is dangerous to a person that is susceptible or allergic, but has no effects on others. Dust mites, pollens, poultry danders and other food products such as eggs are the major allergens. Nasal allergies, respiratory chemicals, food allergy, pollen allergies and skin rash are the main reactions. Some people are also highly allergic to hair dyes.

Apis Mellifica: best homeopathic rash because of allergy Apis Mellifica is a highly natural homeopathic medicine for hives or rash because of allergy reactions. The best remedy for all allergic hives that lead to strong burning and stinging feelings is this homeopathic medicine. Relief from cold application can be granted to the patient. The skin is touch sensitive and the rash is accompanied by swelling. Open air increases the situation somewhat.

Arsenic Album: best homeopathic nasal allergen drug Arsenic Album is the top natural homeopathic medication for the fluent diagnosis of nasal allergy.

Homeopathic Sulphur: Best Homeopathic remedy for skin allergies The safest 

cure for over-heated allergic skin reactions is pure homeopathic sulphur. 

The skin is usually dry and scratching it relieves the patient. 

Sulphur homeopathic medicine has constitutional effects of resistance to showers, a dry 

and filthy face, anxiousness to eat sweets and extreme heat throughout the body.