Dr. Reckeweg Medicine For Insomnia

Insomnia may be a sleeping disorder from which most adults suffer nowadays during this condition person faces, difficulty in falling asleep or deep sleep duration can certainly decrease making you come to life early with utter low energy.

Causes of Insomnia 

Stress may be a more common reason for Insomnia which affects your sleeping profile an excessive amount of, some times it gets hard to sleep or causes you to get up early. Work Schedule plays important role in overall sleeping pattern and in good sleep. The soma works with the assistance of an indoor clock that is connected to Dusk and Dawn and helps the physique to grasp day and Night.

While traveling and peer work schedules get our biological time broke and cause sleep disorders. Poor Sleeping and Eating Habits in post covid world teens and adults find it very hard to manage spear time, most of the people nowadays drastically changed there sleeping pattern and eating habits,

Average eating time increased by 45 minutes in dinner timing which causes hard time for our brain to manage to time eventually ends up in poor sleep profile.

Dr. Reckeweg R14 could be a combination of Dr. Reckeweg to urge obviate poor sleeping patterns it helps within the following sleeping disorders superficial sleep, light sleep, sleeplessness, drowsiness within the morning, weariness during the day, vivacity within the evening.


It is a composition of sedative and nerve­calming ingredients which don't produce any side effects 

1.  Ammonium bromatum  : Sedative   Buy Now

2.  Avena sativaGeneral nervous weakness and sexual neurasthenia, consequences of mental overexertion. Convalescence. Sleeplessness in spite of lassitude.  Buy Now

3.  ChamomillaEffective in the overstimulated nervous system with hypersensitivity. Uneasy sleep.  Buy Now

4.  EschscholziaSedative.  Buy Now

5.  Humulus lupulus:  General nervous exhaustion, neurasthenia, hypochondria, sedative.  Buy Now

6.  Ignatia:  Nervous exhaustion and irritability resulting from psychic afflictions of a depressing nature, following grief or worry. Egocentric solitude. Buy Now

7.  Passiflora incarnate Sedative. Unrest and irritability of the nervous system. Mental and physical vivacity when trying to sleep, full of ideas, disturbed non-refreshing sleep  Buy Now

8.  Valeriana: Light sleep, non-refreshing. Nervous weakness and restlessness. Buy Now

9.  Zincum valerianicum:   Insomnia with twitching in limbs, nightmares, the restlessness of the legs.  Buy Now

DOSAGE  for R14

3 times every day 10­15 drops in some water, at the hours of darkness 20 drops in some sweetened water. In most cases, general relief and a less agitated sleep follow after several days.