Calcarea phosphorica

A great cure is Calcarea phosphoric (calc phos). It is surprising that such a fascinating physical and psychological pro-file homoeopathically should be created by a remedy made from one significant constituent of the body (calcium phosphate). The main topics in this approach apply to diet, poverty, depression and analytical inquiry.


Calc phos is always useful in life when food and growth are of particular importance. It is thus a major treatment for babies, often children like teeth, and puberty as development is increased.


Children who need this treatment appear to have a dark skin and black hair and eyes. It's delicious, lanky and scrawny. The belly is sunken, dirty. You can be tall, tiny and defined as "like a Chinese noodle." Children with Calc phos can be very unstable. You can muck your nails or put your fingers in your mouth. We always want to be worn.


This treatment may also be used in developing countries for starvation syndromes such as body wastage (marasmus) and the lack of protein and calories. Calc phos babies may also be emaciated because of physical illnesses such as diarrhoea, amabetization, malabsorption, or worms. You can have malabsorption disorders such as Coeliac disease. A fragile, elastic, thin and poor bone has been established

Calc phos is one of our most impor­tant remedies. It has provided relief for patients of all ages, physically, emo­tionally and mentally and will, of course, continue to do so.