Homeopathy is much more than people sometimes believe it to be. One of the biggest breakthroughs in its theory is the recognition that the body is not an entity but a mechanism without fixed limits.


Children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) can not follow normal patterns of development just like other children of their age. Verbal and non-verbal communication, social contact and repetitive behavior habits (also known as fixations)-like being stuck with holding any object in the hand all the time, for example. Sticks, soap suds, pencils, etc .. To certain people, rolling, spinning, over-arranging items in one line, and behavioral problems such as hyperactive behavior and mental failure to understand are part of this condition. Nowadays, autism is called autism spectrum disorder because there is a wide variety in symptoms that the child may experience.

Inability to utter just a single word by the age of two, with little or no eye contact, giving the appearance that when spoken on, he is hard to understand. The child's behavior 'not in tune' is the most significant differentiating symptom although identifying it is not very easy for a lay person. The role of homeopathy in supporting children with autism is gaining quite a popularity around the globe. Clinical experience suggests that outcomes are much greater when the intervention is started at an early age, although some kids display impressive changes at higher ages like six or seven;



But early-age homoeopathic intervention (before a lot of behavioral and emotional problems arise) has distinct benefits. One important thing I would like to make clear is the fact that outcomes of autism with homeopathy are limited. That means that one segment of children may react extremely favorably while others may fail to provide any relief. And if the child continues to be scored on an autism assessment scale on Homeopathic remedies. Periodic autism rating scale tests are necessary to gage the child's progress. Homeopathy is a whole health-care system;


This takes into account the constitutional image (the full physical and mental structure of the child) along with the necessary descriptions of the disease when administering this. Carcinocin, Hyoscyamus, and Baryta Carb are drugs that are very effective in supporting autism. A special mention is needed of the role of carcinocin in autism. It also does not mean that any child with autism should be placed on it; and in order to administer carcinocin, the child must fall within the statutory context.