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Willmar Schwabe India Klimaktolan Tablets (20g)

Willmar Schwabe India Klimaktolan Tablets (20g)
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About Willmar Schwabe India (WSI) Klimaktolan Tablets


Also Known As : Kilmatone, Kilmaktone


Symptoms: Menopausal Symptoms, Hot Flushes, Useful in Depression, Mood Swings, Sleep Disorders


Composition of (WSI) Klimaktolan Tablets


·         Cimicifuga racemosa 2x 25 mg

·         Sepia officinalis 2x 25 mg

·         Lachesis mutus 5x 25 mg

·         Sanguinaria canadensis 2x 25 mg

·         Ignatia amara 3x 25 mg


USES OF WSI Klimaktolan Tablets


·         Provides relief from menopausal symptoms such as: Hot Flushes - Attacks of Perspiration.

·         Helps in Loss of Libido, Depression, Irritability

·         K;imaktolan natural non-hormonal therapy for menopause




Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 1 to 2 tablets, 3 times per day over an extended period of time. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist.


Side effects: No side effects of Klimaktolan (WSI) are known.