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SBL Alfalfa Malt (450g)

SBL Alfalfa Malt (450g)
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SBL Alfalfa Malt (450g)
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SBL Alfalfa Malt may be a well-balanced combination of homeopathic medicines.

Malt is formed from germinated barley which may be a rich source of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.

SBL Alfalfa Malt provides all essential nutrients to growing children and old debilitated persons.

It also increases iron content and thus helps anemic patients.

SBL Alfalfa Malt contains mother tinctures of Alfalfa, cereal oat, and Ginseng.

Alfalfa and cereal oat provide essential minerals and vitamins whereas Ginseng builds resistance to fight against infections, works as a revitalizing agent, and removes mental and physical debility.

The delicious chocolate flavor of SBL Alfalfa Malt makes it palatable.

During growing age, children need extra energy and properly balanced nutrients aside from their routine diet.

In old and debilitated persons, the need for essential nutrients is usually greater than what they obtain from their routine diet.

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