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Brand: PHL Quantity: 25g
Also known asheight tab, hite tabPropertiesFormTabletWeight40 (gms)Dimensions3.5 (cm) x 3.5 (cm) x 9.4 (cm)HEIGHTEX TABLETS There are many causes that leads to slow increase in height. We need to rule out the cause to improve the condition.In undernutrition, due to a disease or lack of nutrients..
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Brand: PHL Quantity: 12g
PHL Enurex Tablets are specially developed for children prone to Bed-Wetting.Dosage : 2 tabs 3 times a day ..
Rs.85.00 Rs.95.00
Brand: PHL Quantity: 25g
AboutPHL Dandruff Care is speacialy formulated tablets for White scally dandruff,Dry hair, hair-fall and Itchy scalp (Introlerelby)Composition:Sanicula 3xMezereum 3xArsenicum Album 3xNatrum Muriaticum 3xThuja Occi. 3xCalcarea Sulph. 3xDosage 2 tablets 3 times in a day or as directed by physicia..
Rs.85.00 Rs.95.00
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