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Haslab Nervocalm Drops (30ml)

Haslab Nervocalm Drops (30ml)
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About Haslab Nervocalm Drops

Also Known As: Nervcalm

Uses of Haslab Nervocalm

·         Tension.

·         Depression.

·         Insomnia and various disturbances of sleep.

·         Drowsiness in the morning.

·         Weariness during the day and vivacity in the evening.

·         Nervousness, restlessness and over excitement of the nervous system.

·         Neurasthenia, consequence of mental conflicts of long duration.

·         Nervous Breakdown.

 Composition of HSL Nervocalm

·         Avena Sat 1x

·         Coffea 3x

·         Ignatia 3x

·         Zincum Met 3x

·         Valeriana 3x

Doses of Haslab Nervocalm

10 to 20 drops twice daily.

 Side effects: There are no known Side-effects