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Bakson Y Lax Tablets (350tab)

Bakson Y Lax Tablets (350tab)
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About Bakson’s Y Lax Tablets

Bak Y Lax Tablets used for your problems related with constipation, Hard Stool, Anal Itching, Regulate Bowel Movement

Uses of Baksons Y Lax Tablets

·         Bowels constipated

·         Muscular weakness

·         Constipation,with colic and flatulence

·         Stools hard and dark, with loss appetite, coated tongue, bad taste, and weakness

Composition of Y Lax Tablets

Senna 1x

Sulphur 1x

 Doses of Bakson YLax Tablets

Adults: 2 tablets at bedtime.

Children: 1 tablet at bedtime.

Side effects: There are no known Side-effects