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Bakson Prostate Aid Drops (30ml)

Bakson Prostate Aid Drops (30ml)
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About Bakson Prostate Aid Drops

Prostate Aid is well known medicines for prostate enlargement and problems due to prostate enlargement in Old age with unique combination

Benefits of Baksons Prostate Aid Drops

·         For Prostate enlargement

·         Restoring the state of health without the need for surgical intervention

·         It relieves the frequency, urgency, hesitancy to urinate, dribbling of urine & its interrupted flow.

Composition of Bakson’s Prostate Aid Drops

·         Sabal serrulata 2x

·         Chimaphila umb. 3x

·         Clematis erecta 3x

·         Conium mac. 3x  

·         Pareira brava 3x

·         Pulsatilla nig. 3X  

Doses of Bakson Prostate Aid Drop

10-15 drops in 1/4th cup of water, 3-4 times daily.

Side effects: There are no known Side-effects