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Bakson Astha Aid Syrup (115ml)

Bakson Astha Aid Syrup (115ml)
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About Bakson’s Astha Aid Syrup

Bakson Astha Aid is ideal product to use in the chronic and acute conditions of used in Wheezing, Breathlessness, Cough, Heaviness in chest on Breathing

Uses of Baksons Astha Aid Syrup

·         Controls Cough.

·         Dilates Bronchi.

·         Aids Expectoration

Composition of Astha Aid Syrup

·         Blatta orientalis ø

·         Justicia ad. Ø

·         Senega ø

·         Lobelia inf. Ø

·         Ipecacuanha ø

·         Grindelia rob. Ø

·         Magnesium phos. 2x.

Doses of Bakson Astha Aid Syrup

Adults may take 1 teaspoon every 3 hrs

Children may take ½ teaspoon every 3 hrs

Side effects: There are no known Side-effects