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Allen Otovin Ear Drops (15ml)

Allen Otovin Ear Drops (15ml)
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About Allen Otovin Ear Drops

Also Known As : otowin

Symptoms: Blocked Ear, Excess Wax, Ear Infections, Pain and Inflammation in Ears

Composition of  Allen Otovin Ear Drops

·         Calendula

·         Mullein Oil

·         Glycerine

 Otovin Ear Drops Used for

·         For ear infections.

·         Earache & Dryness of inner ear. 

·         For earache due to injury, infection or inflammation, Painful eruption of external ear

·         Fungal infection of ear

·         For itching irritation in the ear

·         For swimmer's ear problems

 Dosage: External use only. Instill 1 or 2 drops into the affected ear twice daily

Side effects: No side effects of Otovin Ear Drops are known